Gear Recommendations

There is so much choice when it comes to sound and music equipment, and it is particularly hard to choose what to spend your hard earned (or in our case, donated) money on.

Here are a few of the pieces of gear that I use regularly, and would recommend getting. They may not necessarily suite your use/budget, but they have worked very well for me!

*This page is still under construction, so bear with me as I add stuff to it!*


I know you may not consider these ‘gear’ as they are virtual, but anyway…


Waves Specials

Renaissance Maxx

These plugins sound great and you have heard many of them in use on countless pop records in the last decade. I really like them particularly because the are very light on the CPU, so I can get away with using lots of them in a session.
Some times i’ve spent ages messing around with a stock EQ trying to get something to sound right and fit in the mix, but everything I do seems to make it sound worse. I’ve found with the Renaissance-EQ that I have the opposite problem, everything I do makes it sound better! So the challenge then becomes about what works for the mix best.
The de-esser is my go to plugin for taming sibilance in vocals, and harshness in other instruments. There is a great video from Fabrice Dupont on de-essing that features the RenDesser among others, check it out here:–yk11EF4?t=5s

Click on the image above to see the latest Waves plugin specials.


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