There are literally hundreds of free plugins and samples available online, and I’ve got a decent collection of them. If you are wanting to get a list of all of them, then Pro Tools Expert has a pretty conclusive list of all free plugins here.

I’m just going to list the ones that I a) use often, b) sound good and c) are stable…

Alchemy Player

This VI is pretty resource hungry, but it has around a GB of samples and some of the best evolving soundscapes and lush pads I’ve heard on any software instrument. Camel Audio also do another free distortion/compression/filter plugin called CamelCrusher, but I hardly use it, and often when I have tried to, i’ve found it hard to get any sound out of it that I liked and i’m convinced that it increases the number of times Pro Tools crashing per hour!

Info & Download here

BitterSweet v3

Transient manipulation plugins allow you to choose the level of the attack (transient) vs the release of the sound, rather than the effect in the case of a compressor. A similar effect can be achieved using a compressor, but these plugins are more focused and advanced in the way they work. I only use it on drums really, it does the job. Bitter for more bite, sweet for more sustain… This plugin from Flux:: isn’t nearly as good as the Waves Trans-Mod, and certainly has nothing on Transient Designer from SPL, but its the only free transient manipulation plugin in RTAS format available that I know of. If you disagree, let me know!!!

Info & Download here

DCAM Free Comp

This is a classic British bus compressor emulation (read SSL 😉 with auto-release. I’ve been using this on my mix bus for quite a while and love the subtle glue that it provides. I never hit it very hard, barely getting a dB of reduction at the loudest point of a track. It is fast becoming my favourite bus compressor, and has been the only one i’ve liked as much as the McDSP Compressor Bank emulation of the Manley Vari-Mu that I also often use (but that ain’t free!)

Info & Download here

Ok, so as If i’m not giving you enough wisdom and technical advice for free, I’m now adding a page where you can download a whole bunch more free stuff..!




If you are looking for better quality stock images, then check these guys out:



These are great for song intro’s or anything really!!! (10 Loops in mp3 format in the zip file)
10 Free JaimesMix Drum Loops

If you are looking for better quality stuff, loops etc, then check out my Not-so-free stuff and these guys:



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