Help!!! We need training!

I was thinking this morning that Its about time I wrote a new blog post… Over the past few years, when I have been in this place of wanting or needing to write training material or just a blog post with instruction, I have found myself very un-motivated. I think the biggest reason being that almost anything I think of writing about, has been said by someone else, and better! So… in this post I am compiling a list of some sources of great training material on the web…

Well known British sound magazine. All articles older than 6 months are available free on the web site. Mainly aimed at studio sound, but nevertheless, great info on mixing and reviews of gear, as well as updates on the music industry, interviews with major producers and engineers.

Plenty of Info on studio & live sound, A/V, and articles specifically aimed at church tech. (Run by a Christian guy)

These have You Tube videos and written articles focused on budget recording and mixing, but good general info on mic’ing, mixing and gear.

Run by Fabrice Dupont, well known producer based in New York, has worked with artists like Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez etc…
Mostly paid videos $10 -$20 each, but some good free videos are available, even on soldering a cable! (Coming up on 50 episodes of interviews and tips from every top producer/engineer you can think of in the US and some from the UK)

If money is no object, then this is the place!

Berklee college of music is one of the most highly regarded colleges in the music industry, and they do online courses…


So thats a good start if you are looking for info. In the next few weeks I’m going to try and compile some of these resources on specific topics such as EQ and compression, and posting them too…


What are your thoughts? Do you find that there is a wealth of material available, or are you still looking for something to help you learn more?


One thought on “Help!!! We need training!

  1. I think especially on music production, there’s a wealth of knowledge out there if you know where you look, and you pointed out a lot of great resources.

    The Recording Revolution guys also shows a lot of the basics for EQ and compression, which make a huge difference in the ‘polished’ sound people seek.

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